List of Bitcoin and Blockchain-related organizations and projects in MN

[Updated: 14 September, 2021]

Affected accounts on LocalBitcoins will be closed February 9th, 2021. Withdraw (or sell) your BTC, if you have a LocalBitcoins account!

LocalBitcoins announcement disclosing the 10 states they will continue doing business in

An article on the online news site BeInCrypto describes how “only 10 states will continue to receive support from the platform”. Those states are:

Compute North’s press release describes the arrangement.

“As part of the agreement, Foundry will supply 14,000 MicroBT Whatsminer M30S mining devices that will be hosted at Compute North colocation “facilities in the United States. Compute North will allocate 47 megawatts (MW) of power to these devices beginning in Q1 2021.”

It's happening! There are just a few examples for now, but understand this will occur with increasing frequency. Bitcoin won't be one of the payment methods accepted, it instead will be the payment method accepted. As-in, the only payment method that the seller will take.

Over in neighboring Wisconsin is…

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